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Focus on education and let us do all the admin tasks for you, SmileMe.In provides all features your school needs

Records Management

Manage your students and staff information and attendance records, all in one place.

Attendance Tracking

Using cutting edge AI technology, the system automatically identifies users faces for seamless and accurate attendance tracking.


View & download comprehensive attendance reports (PDF & Excel).

Direct Messaging

Send messages and post  announcements directly to parents, teachers and employees (Text, Email or  App notifications).

Roles and Permissions

The Roles & Permissions settings enable you to guarantee that your staff members can access only information that is relevant to them.

Runs on all devices

The App works on any Windows, Android and iOS devices with a camera. No other hardware is needed!.

Children self sign in!

First system ever that allows toddlers & children to sign themselves in.

Live Dashboards

Get live updates right to your browser for attendance and events.

Security & Privacy

Data is encrypted and securely stored in the cloud.

Phone App

Convenient access for parents & teachers via a phone app to manage their attendance on the go.

Multi Location Support

App supports multiple locations and branches, with the ability to view each location's data independently.

Cloud Storage

All records are backed up daily and securely on the cloud. Users have full control on their data.

Forget about specs, SmileMe.In works on whatever device you’d prefer

Operate App

Turn your tablet into an AI-enabled attendance tracking device!

Connect App

Just take a selfie and you’re signed in!

Administration Portal

Manage your school from a PC, tablet or mobile!

Our purpose is to make school administration fun


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