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  • Email support only
  • Response within 24 hrs
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  • Email support only
  • Response within 24 hrs
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  • Email & Phone support
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Can I try SmileMe.In for free?

Yes. Customers who sign up for a free trial, will not be charged as long as they are within the free trial days

What payment options I have in purchasing SmileMe.In?

You can purchase SmileMe.In using a credit card

Can I switch to another tier?

Yes. You can contact our support to switch between tiers

What if I need to increase the number of users while I’m on the same tier?

You can buy extra users by simply adding new users. You will be charged per user fee according to your current tier.

How much does an extra user license cost?

Based on your tier; if you are on the Starter tier that costs 2 dollars for 5 users then one extra user will cost 40 cents

Are there any limitations to the extra users I can add?

No you can add as many users as you want

Which tiers offer a free trial?

Small, Medium and Large

How can I edit my payment information?

Contact support

What currencies can be used to purchase SmileMe.In?

US dollars.